Preparing Multimedia Business Presentations

A business presentation is deployed as an instrument or tool to present business ideas and concepts to the presenters or the target audience in the world of business. By its effective presentation, you can build up your relations with the clients. A marketer can employ this as a tool in order to create present and convince the business partners or clients about the concepts or ideas proposed.

Create business presentations which are engaging, inviting and informative in nature. You should know the target audience for whom you will make a presentation. In other words, a marketer should clearly “know his material.” This means that one can select topic of interest to the target audiences. They should feel that they are deriving some valuable knowledge from your presentation. A marketer can include relevant keyword phrases in order to instantly grip the mind of an onlooker. Experienced presenters mainly use key phrases in their presentations and include relevant sub-points in the presentation. Avoid presenting a bulky text and explain any concept in the form of points. The points make the text comprehensible and readable. Even if you want to present some authors definition or an experts quotation to support your point, you can choose to present the same in short or a few lines. Keep the number of slides to the minimum as this can increase the amount of information you want to transmit to a reader. It can also make the slide presentation bulky and cumbersome to handle. Use the font types and font sizes which are readable and comprehensible in appearance. Avoid using fancy fonts which are may not make the text readable. Keep the size of the font big enough so that it can be viewed even by the target audience at the back seat. The layout and design patterns of the slides make the presentation of the topic attractive and eclectic. Use simple font if your theme is serious and has a business like undertone to it. Keep your layout colorful if you are giving a demonstration to the students or youngsters (during recruitment or training sessions).

There are many slideshow maker tools available for automatically preparing professional and attractive presentations.

Virtual Shopping Experience: Evolution of User Experience

If you plan to completely transform a user experience regarding their perception of utility, efficiency, and ease of use of your offerings, a phygital or virtual shopping experience is the way to go.

What consists of a good user experience for your user?

Let’s understand his stage from exploring to consideration to buying stage.

Customer reviews, humanizing technology, personalizing it, giving product demos with clarity are some of the ways to optimize your selling experience.

Great! How do I do it for a premium product that I want to sell as a brand?

Consider, you are the buyer, and you are in the middle of a pandemic with a stated need for a product. So you check it out online, compare, read various reviews from various sources, and plan to hit the “Buy Now” option finally.

Wait, what if you couldn’t feel satisfied during the interest stage where you explore the product features? A buyer usually requests a demo.

Great, we are still taking the prospect towards the completion of a sales funnel. Not to forget, the customer is considering your product even now.

Hang on; we will make a sale! Just another step!

The selling is dependent on the demo stage for informed decision-making. You ask your salesperson to use their best technology to showcase it in the best manner to the customer.

Introducing PHYGITAL EXPERIENCE, a perfect blend of online and offline modes to allow the user to interact in real-time, solve queries and pay in a single demo.

A single sale may make or break your sales journey and earning potential for your revenue.

Phygital: Understand the market leadership strategy

In this competitive landscape, there are three strategies for market leadership:

Operational Capabilities: automate, streamline and reduce cost ———————–à Cost-leadership
Personalized CX: Unique services and customize need-basis—————————–àPersonalization
Product Leadership: Align all organizational goals to customer needs —————–à Customer-centric approach
Product leadership includes phygital experience wherein you create memorable experiences for the customer that typically leaders seek to create.

How does it happen?

You master the knowledge and collaborate it for all of your organizational disciplines.

Here, we are talking about experiences that companies like Apple & BMW create.

Phygital: Evolve CX and Enhance Revenue by Reducing Dissatisfied Customer Cost

Now, you would ask – Does my business have such resources and capabilities to implement this plan?

Yes, this process is cost-extensive, and you can optimize your user experience using phygital capabilities from an outsourcing expert.

You are virtually transferring your customer problems to a physical store that provides a fluid, agile, and qualified customer experience. Retaining customers and acquiring new users can only be possible by winning their loyalty and engagement, regardless of the industry.

Are you convinced to adapt to this strategy? Phygital can serve as an essential asset for both your online and offline sales channels. In addition, customers interact on various media channels. Therefore, organizations need to invest in integrated marketing to allow customers to communicate over their preferred channels. It forms a fundamental base for phygital strategy in any organization.

Here is how your organization can implement it to achieve higher revenue:

Integrated Marketing: Providing your customers an omnichannel experience to engage them on the higher side with your brand. Buying online became an essential culture for all of the offline stores. Brands that were already on online mode gave more importance to their online way. Majority of the Gen Z are usually online buyers, whereas Gen Y usually compares prices before purchasing products. Brands need to create a decisive advantage for themselves by understanding their customer priorities.

Use technology in the right way: Here, we aren’t investing in high-end technologies but in implementing technologies in the right way that we have at our disposal. Simple tasks like QR code, phone to desktop links, and artificial intelligence significantly raise your target group’s immersive behavior. Use phygital to achieve the perfect online world, which is interactive and reduces missing opportunities at the end of the funnel.

A Mix of Online and Offline World: One way is to have various channels for a superior customer experience. The other way to apply phygital and combine the online and offline world is to have communication pre, post, and during the purchase journey. Answer everything from payment method to shipping during one single customer touchpoint through virtual commerce. Once the customer feels that the brand is reaching out to them, you will gain a competitive edge.

Provide Memorable Experience: Remember an advertisement that you couldn’t take your mind off? The trip you went on last time to the mountains was an unforgettable experience. Can you give such demo or product experiences to your exceptional customers? Brands can use sensory or experience marketing to create memorable experiences from your brand adventures. Such sensations usually are stored in brain memories for a longer duration. That is how you can manage to stand out from other brands.


We have learned so far that we need to connect to the customers from a closer view. Give them experiences that build memories that are shared over and over again over social media. Build an omnipresent digital world and offer a brand engagement that no other brand would have done so far.

Ukrainian Ladies – The Appropriate Presents

If you are romancing a Ukrainian lady, you will probably try to impress her with some kind of present. What are good presents for your lady?

If you are in love with a Ukrainian lady, you are one of the luckiest persons in the world. Tender and devoted, they will do their best to be perfect for their beloved ones. Men try to return the gesture by giving appropriate gifts.

The Ukrainian culture is rich in traditions and presents should depend on the stage in your relationship. Presents are accepted as signs of attention and affection to the woman and should not be too direct.

If you are a new couple and are still getting to know each other, the best will be to stick to the cliches and the traditional solutions. Many websites offer direct delivery of a big bunch of flowers and you can select among many beautiful arrangements. Roses are sign of love and passion and it is better for initial contact to prefer other flowers. Otherwise your sweetheart could decide that you are too direct. Orchids are relatively expensive but a good option. They are not as red and hot as the roses but they are a valuable present and can tell more about your feelings than anything else.

Cuddly toys and teddies are sweet but sometimes too childish. The teddy bears are a traditional sign of love and probably you will be advised that the bigger the bear the better. Actually before making any order for a bear delivery, be sure that your Ukrainian lady will like it. Many women consider the toys stupid and meaningless gifts. They are not heartless but practical. With the money you spend on a teddy bear you can buy something more valuable for a woman.

Chocolates and champagne are also good practice in the romance presents list. Again, you might be at risk because some women refuse to eat chocolate because they are afraid that they will put on weight. If you send out chocolates too often, you will become too predictable for your Ukrainian lady. She might think that you are not creative enough and you are simply choosing ready-made solutions.

At a later stage, when you know each other better, you can send more intimate presents to your sweetheart. If you know her favorite perfume, do not hesitate and offer her this gift – particularly French perfume.. The real perfumes in Ukraine are very expensive and a good brand and scent will show your affection in an indisputable manner. In addition, buying her perfume is a sneaky way to reach her heart, because subconsciously her mind will start associating the smell with you.

Clothes and underwear are too intimate as presents and we do not advise you to buy them until you know your Ukrainian lady better. Especially underwear is sign of uncontrolled desire and this could take her aback. Women do not want to be treated as toys so do not act as someone who wants to dress pretty dolls and play with them.

For initial contact and impression, always listen to your previous experience and do not try to impress with things that are too big, expensive or eloquent. Small presents can make a big impact so start with something more modest and little by little make them bigger but only if you feel that it will be right for your relationship.