Presentation is Everything – Part I – (The Presentation of Your Business by Others)

The way you present yourself and your business is just as important as how others present your business. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool that exists. Do you know what others are saying about your business? It is important to ensure that the buzz around your business is positive and that all begins with you. People will present your business to others as you present it to them. If you’ve written your name and number on a “post it” note, that presentation style will inevitably be replicated.

When you promote your business during networking events or trade shows, consider what is being translated to the person on the other end of the table. What will they take away from their interaction with you and your company? The opportunity to present your business to another is a gift and a tool that should be used to show people the value of your product or service.

Whether it is your shining personality, amazing promotional materials or a special service you offer, you must provide a catalyst for buzz. For someone to want to talk about you or your business positively, you must exceed their expectations. Decide how you will exceed expectation and present yourself and your business around that concept. Everyone has strengths, find yours and play on them. If you do not know what yours’ are ask someone. Know what makes you and your company special and make sure every person you meet gets a glimpse at it. Not only will it intrigue them to know more about you, but they will want to tell others of their discovery.

When this happens, the presentation of your business will be left in the hands of others. Make sure they are well equipped to represent you as you wish to be represented. Remember, it is not whether or not you have something valuable to offer that is in question. It is whether or not people take it away from your presentation and can replicate it.

Explaining VS. Entertaining when Presenting Mind Map Methods to Students

When teaching a new way of thinking to students it is important that they grasp the concept. If you over entertain you lose them in the excitement and if you do not entertain enough they fall asleep. So the question recently pondered at the Online Think Tank was; Explaining VS. Entertaining when Presenting Mind Map Methods to Students.

Let face it kids are bombarded with media entertainment and so if you do not WOW the crowd then you cannot compete with the mass media hysteria, U-Tube and Internet. When teaching to University Student X’ers, you must remember they do not trust the establishment.

Of course when teaching Mind Mapping and Mind Map concepts generally disdain for establishment can be overcome and the thought of Mind Map thinking is indeed somewhat anti-establishment, as you tell them to “Question Authority,” think for themselves, look over the data and be skeptical of news articles with Who, what, when, where, how, why, etc.

Thus you have all the components to teach it and rather than dwelling on it all, maybe you could “Just Start” and see what works and modify it as you go. Of course this is contrary to scientific method or even educator type thinking. So you need to explain the Mind Mapping and go easy on the entertainment side of the presentation, but not void of a little excitement.

As our Online Think Tank debated this we came to the conclusion that more teaching sessions of Mind Mapping needed to be scrutinized to see what worked best with what age groups to insure that they grasp the concept and modify it as we go. We need to teach People to think systematically and strategically using their reference points and from their perspectives.

After all, you can look into a human’s eyes and know if they know and when you are done, you should be able to ascertain if they get it or Not? What do you think? Well, I hope this thinking exercise was of value in itself and it helps you in your quest to be the best in 2007.

How to Handle Your Product’s Higher Cost When it Comes Up During Your Presentation

People will buy even the most expensive items if you satisfy their needs and prove the items’ worth. You must show the prospect how the product or service will benefit them and is worth the higher cost. Notice I said cost not price. Price has a sharper sound connected to it from the consumers’ point of view. Psychologically cost sounds more appealing to the consumer than price.

Selling a quality product that costs more than your competitions must be done in such a way that indicates how the benefits of the features justify the higher cost. Sell the differences that make your product worth the cost. Mention those differences and features early in the presentation. “The Ultimate Drill has not one but six safety features”. Doing this early in the presentation helps the prospect to understand how the product can do what it does. Why it costs what it does and most importantly why it is worth the higher cost. Pound away at the benefits of those features early and often.

Doing this early in the presentation plants a seed in the prospect’s mind that lingers in their sub conscious and stays there for the rest of the presentation. It creates a positive state of mind that will be with them throughout the presentation and act as a positive for you.

You must have faith in your product and believe it is worth the higher cost , this is imperative. If you don’t exude this confidence your prospects will sense it.

In Summation:
When your product costs more than that of your competitors you must introduce the reason why that is so early and often in the presentation. You must show the worth of those features and why they reflect the higher cost. You must do this with conviction. The customer is then immediately aware of what the product can do, how it does it and why it is worth the higher cost.