How to Present a Family History to a Relative As a Keepsake Gift

But HOW do you go about sharing all you have discovered. There are many options. Write it all in a book, create a website, create a photo album with lots of journaling, create a self-published book and more. I wish I had time to sit down with you and talk about the option that you are interested in, but let’s face it. That isn’t an option here. So instead I will provide a brief outline of several ways you can share your history with family and friends.

Scrap-booking –If you have collected a lot of photos of family members from the past, creating a scrapbook might be the option you are looking for, especially if you already have scrap-booking experience. If you have a lot of supplies at home, and a scanner, computer and printer, this could be very low cost, but if not, you could run into a large cash outlay. Additionally, this is not really an easily to duplicate option. So if you are only interested in giving mom and dad a keepsake for the holidays it can be a wonderful option, and don’t forget to include a box of tissues. The important thing to remember with a scrap-book is to include text information. Birthdays and anniversaries are important dates to include, but you may also want tojournal about some special event that occurred in your family. The other thing to remember is not to use your original photos. Those you want to keep safely stored in acid free containers. Use photo copies. In 2000 I presented my mother with a small scrapbook of her life and accomplishments. She jealously guarded it when sharing it with everyone and I was soon bombarded with requests by other family members. So, unless you are willing to create more than one version, or if your family is small in number, creating a scrapbook may be your solution.
Self-Published books are now quite easy to accomplish. You can find many websites that will let you create a book and publish it on demand. This means that as someone requests a copy, you can go back to the site and order a hard copy. This is an option that often creates a very professional book to share with your family and friends. The choice of what to include in such a book is limitless, but the basics are photos and a short paragraph to identify each or a short story to place along side. Prices for these self-published books can range from a few dollars, to hundreds, depending on the options you choose, but if you are planning on selling your book the cost does not fall to you, other than what you pay for your own copy. Yes, be sure to get yourself a hard copy of this type of book. Trust me, you will be happy you did and it offers you the opportunity to show your family and friends your first book and entice them to get their own. Whether or not you choose to make a little profit on the book is up to you, but easy as you would order the book for the set price but include an up-charge or a few dollars to cover your time and the convenience of having you supply the finished product.
Along side of Self-published books would be eBooks. eBooks, however usually contain more text and fewer images. However this is an option that you can create almost for free. Using a word processor, you would create your eBook. when you are ready, you can use a freeware or paid for program to convert the document to the pdf format that can be used across all platforms. You would then distribute this document on the internet, in emails, or even on a mini-cd. This will also allow you to include copies of documentation in your eBook which may be an interesting addition. I included copies of marriage and birth certificates from my grandparents and one of their children in my first eBook and the results were, well let’s just say explosive. You see, no one ever knew that grandmother had the first baby tend days before she married grandfather. If an eBook is the option you choose you can distribute it for pennies, you can sell if or give it away. It can be printed out by your readers without you having to absorb the expense making it a pretty good option, especially if you have good skills with your word processor and can include photos and other visual interest.
Publish a ‘real’ book. This would be the most expensive and tricky option. there are some companies that only publish genealogy books. Bust most will charge a substantial fee and a fee per copy that you would need to pay up front. When you get your delivery of books, you can sell them to family members to try to recover some of your costs. If you choose this, do the math first. Decide on how much you think your family would be willing to spend on a family genealogy and if you can’t stay within that range, you may want to consider one of the other options, unless of course you have money to burn and just want to see your work in hard copy on a bookshelf.
Finally, but by no means the last option, is creation of a website. If you have good computer skills you can find many places on the internet that will allow you to build a free family website. Alternately, you can enter your information into one of the many genealogical databases across the net and then tell your relations where to find it. If you use social networking you can easily share the information with your circle of friends and relatives. This is the best option if you have a very large tree and lots of information to share as it would be the least expensive. However, this option will not produce a hard copy that you can give away as a keepsake. You may consider also, that it is not the best option for older relatives who may not use a computer on a regular basis or who feel that technology is too complicated for them. It took us 5 years to convince our parents to get a cell phone. Today they still have no interest in computers and would not even know how to turn one on.
There are many, many options for keepsakes aside from a book style. Some of these might include:
A Photo Cube with a calendar on one side
A mug, cup, or other ceramic with a photo imprint
A tee-shirt, sweat shirt or other apparel
A simple framed print of a completed family tree chart
A composite family photo with as many family members included as possible
A beautiful card signed by family members who include their birthday and anniversary information. You can include a group photo suitable for framing
and the list can grow and grow. Do a search online for personalized gift items and you will find more options that you can imagine. Surely one of them will be just right for you and sure to bring tears of joy to your loved ones as they embrace the love that went into making just the right choice.

I am Barbara Cagle and for over 20 years I have been working and playing online.

I began my genealogy research in 1986 and have discovered relations as far back as 950AD. Over the years I have been able to utilize my computer skills to do a lot of my research. There are many sites available to help you. When you decide you are ready to share your findings and all those old photos, consider a website of your own.

Customizing Your Presentation With the Windows Forms Report Tool

We cannot deny that reports are important for businesses. This is why there are several companies all over the world that strive to ensure that they are able to use the correct solution for the creation of their reports. For those that are using the Windows Forms appellation, they can utilize the Windows Forms report tool. As the name implies, this is a piece of software that is generally intended for the process of designing, modifying and creating the reports for the business. Aside from this, you can also customize the options and the appearance of your project when it comes to printing Windows Forms reports.

It is easy to utilize the Windows Forms report tool because there is the fool proof interface and guide that will help you get through the creation of the report for your business. In addition to that, you will be the one who will specify the data that you will be using. This can be done easily because you can add or remove items and you can also edit the report in two different ways. The first one is through the report itself which is in graphical form. This is where you will make use of the toolbars that are available here and the dialog boxes that are presented by the software application that you are using. The second one is through editing the source code. This is particularly helpful to the experienced developers who would like to personalize the report according to what they have been tasked to do.

The Windows Forms report tool offers comprehensive features that you can utilize so that you can build reports in Windows Forms. There are also utilities that are compatible with other applications like and WPF. The tool often includes a report designer that you can use for the designing process as well as in the execution of the reports. In addition to that, you can utilize this for web applications. You can also export your reports in different formats. That is not all; it provides ease of use with an interface that is simple yet powerful.

When it comes to printing Windows Forms reports, this is possible with the help of the Windows Forms report tool. Previewing and working with printers can also be done. These features are seen as constant elements when it comes to developing the business systems. Because of the tool, printing out the outcome can be accomplished without almost creating the source code for the task. All you need are a few components from the appellation. The problem is that there are some resolution issues that need to be handled. However, there is a solution for this and it is to convert the measures correctly. You have to bear in mind that the relationship between the units is affected by the device itself which is the printer.

Flexible reporting is achievable with the aid of the Windows Forms report tool. This tool can leverage the capabilities of the business intelligence system that you are using for your organization. You can design, work with data sources, create graphical representations of the reports and preview them without difficulty.

Journey Necklace – The Past, Present And Future

Well let’s first delve into the meaning of this necklace. Is the journey necklace about you or your significant other or both? The latter would be the answer as it symbolizes the journey of you and your significant other and the love that has developed between you. This jewelry piece was introduced in 2006 and expresses the twists and turns that happen with any journey but this one is especially personal. This necklace is the one you want to choose to express the past, present and future.

Even if you have not completed a long journey with your significant other this is a great gift to show them that you are here for the long haul. As for those that have been together for an extended time this is a great gift to reminisce about the journey and what got you to today. The more graduating diamonds on the pendant the more you care for her now and where your love will grow in the future.

The journey necklace comes in all shapes and sizes. The most common variations come in 7 or 9 diamonds in the round cut. In the diamond journey necklace the stones gradually get larger towards the bottom. It’s important to personalize this gift so do your homework and find the one that is the perfect fit for that perfect someone.

Traditionally this pendant is comprised of diamonds but that is not a must. Today you will find other stones such as the ruby which is another opportunity to personalize the piece. Further, this piece has evolved into earrings, bracelets, and rings as well.

The care for the journey necklace is dictated by the metals and stones used. In case gemstones are incorporated into the piece just know how to care for such stones.

The journey necklace is a must have in your jewelry collection. To learn more about it and other great jewelry pieces please visit:

How Should You Present Your Job Experience in Your Resume?

The art of writing a proper Resume also involves some utilizing some strategies so that you come across in the best of lights. Most of us had multiple jobs in various positions and importance.

So in the Resume be sure to mention only the Job experiences that are relevant to the post you are applying for. It is essential that you should fix an approach while arranging the experiences. You may opt for a conventional chronological order while mentioning the details. So essentially your latest job would be mentioned at the first and your first job would be mentioned last. Another way of doing this is using the Functional approach. Here you may mention the jobs in order based on its profile. So essentially the order in such an approach should be based on the degree of importance of your previous positions.

This means that your stint as a project leader for a company should have precedence over any part time gigs.This type of approach should be recommended to anyone with a stand out profile and experience. But the most utility is derived from combining the approaches smartly in order to avail the benefits from both the school of thoughts. It is imperative that you do not come across as a quintessential job hopper. This is the easiest way to earn your employer’s trust.

The approach of writing the Resume may be found in many website on the Internet. Additionally Resume Samples would be essential in chalking out the approach to follow. Personally I would prefer the functional approach just because of the present job market scenario. Even as recession is slowly moving away it is true that due to the blood-bath that ensued many people who received the pink slip were forced to take up jobs with lower profile and pay. In this situation I am not sure if the chronological pattern of mentioning your job experience would be of any substantial result.